My husband and I, being first time home buyers, knowing little to nothing about the possible things that could be a major concern, that we would not know by just taking a walk through the house, were truly relieved when we talked to you!

The day of inspection, you walked us through the house after you were done with the inspection and gave us in great detail about everything in the home, both good and bad!
And then you got the report typed up and ready that night that included multiple images and explanations that were simple to understand.
You also gave great knowledge and advice of things in the home that may need to be replaced or could cause problems in the near future.

We were so pleased with your report and couldn't have asked for a better home inspector. Thanks to your inspection, we were able to get the sellers to fix all of the problem areas that were reported!

You were so thorough and will be highly recommended to anyone looking for a home inspector!!

Thanks again!!!

Alicia and Ryan


Thank you so much for your help. It has helped in making our home buying experience great. Thanks again! 

Jessica and Aaron Frach 

The inside of the electrical panel.

The inside of the electrical panel.

Thank you Evan for the thorough home inspection. I appreciated the extra time you took to educate me about my house. My wife and I were very disappointed with our first home inspector. This is our first home and I don’t know nearly enough homeownership. Unfortunately the report we received from our first inspection did not tell me anything I could not discern myself from a quick walk through. I really valued the input you gave me about the efficient operation and maintenance of my heating and cooling system. Especially when you showed me how to stop the A/C from cycling on when the furnace turns on! I was impressed when you pulled off the faceplate of the electrical box to check for any dangerous wiring as the first inspector did not go to the trouble. You left us feeling much more assured about the state of our home. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends and family buying a home. Thank you again.

Mark E

Olander Home Inspection Services Review
I was extremely impressed with Olander Home Inspection Services. Evan performed a very thorough and 
efficient inspection. I felt confident with the home I wished to purchase and Evan reaffirmed my 
decision with a complete review. Being an older home, it was great to have Evan’s knowledgeable report 
to know what to keep my eyes on for any future repairs. I was very pleased to learn that there was 
nothing to repair before making my offer. Evan provided an extensive 39 page report early the next day 
with visuals and non-complicated explanations. As long as Evan is available I will not be using any other 
inspector. I strongly recommend him for your home inspection needs. 
~Michael T.