We are in the business of building relationships.  Buying and selling houses will come as a bi-product of those relationships.

Buying Agents

  • I will help you get your clients into a home that is right for them.
  • I can help reduce your clients risk of buying a house that is in disrepair. 

Selling Agents

  • I will eliminate those last minute surprises that pop up when the buyers call with a request to fix something because of their home inspection.
  • I will give you confidence in standing by your asking price because you know the story of the house.

Buying/Selling Agents

  • I will meet your deadlines.
  • I can reduce your liability.

Most importantly, I can increase the satisfaction of your clients.  This is how we both continue to get work for years to come. 

If your client is better informed they will be more certain of there purchase.  This leads to happier home buyers, which in turn leads to referrals and repeat business!

Working together we will be able to help each other give our clients the best home buying/selling experience that they will ever have.  I look forward to working with you.